Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

My funny moments seem to have a common theme this week (minus #2). I need to get my toddler some sort of inflatable safety suit.
1. J was pulling on the microwave handle trying to get it open to see what was inside. He was pulling and pulling and it just wouldn't let go. Eventually, it opened up and he went flying back and landed directly on his bum. I made sure he was alright before I started to laugh.
2. I took J to an indoor playground this week to let him burn off some energy. He was all excited, climbed his was up into the structure and was all ready to go down the slide. I guess the slippery-ness of the slide and him being a lightweight didn't work out too well. He ended up catching some air on the slide. He wouldn't go back on it unless I went with him.
3. Definitely the black icing/rice krispie moment. Read about it here.
4. We went to the mall to get the boys some Christmas pjs before they all disappeared because I'm hoping to use them to take pictures for holiday cards. J is always so enthralled by everything at the mall that he doesn't look where he's going. Last night, he walked into a flyer stand while he was looking at the automatic door and later he was knocked right over by a lady who was looking in another direction. She was mortified that she'd hurt him but he just popped right up and kept going.
5. I took the boys out for a walk on Thursday in the double stroller. The sidewalk was covered with leaves and I didn't see the piece of sidewalk that was sticking up. J was sitting at the front of the stroller but wasn't strapped in. I guess when I hit the bump and the stroller stopped suddenly he went flying out of the stroller. While I went around to see what we hit, I saw J pulling himself up and wiping off his hands. Again, I made sure he was alright before I started laughing.
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