Tuesday, October 23, 2012

J's newest obsessions

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is toddler obsessions. Head over to Growing up Geeky if you want to read about some more obsessions (after you read about J's that is)!
J's newest obsession is definitely the baby. He always checks on him first thing in the morning and when he comes down from his nap. He's even gotten to the point where he tells people not to touch the baby (including The Husband). If we're getting ready to go out and A is in the carrier, J will rock it to make sure he stays quiet (luckily the baby is strapped in tightly) and always lets us know when his little brother is 'sad'.
Kisses from big brother
His other biggest obsession (beside the Bubble Guppies) is pumpkins.
An old picture from last October but I thought it fit well!
We went to Wal-mart the other day to pick up some diapers and groceries and there was a display of pumpkins outside the store. He had to touch every pumpkin! Apparently he did the same thing when his Papa took him to the grocery store during a recent visit.
Last week, when The Husband was still home, we took the boys for a walk and Joseph noticed every pumpkin that people had on their doorsteps. He even bravely tried to go see a few of them.
We haven't gotten our pumpkins yet because I'm worried about the teenagers at the school around the corner coming to destroy them, so we're going to get them next weekend after the Halloween parade/event we go to. I can't wait to see what J thinks of the inside of them especially because he hates getting his hands dirty!
This is one of my favourite pictures from last Halloween!
What's your child's obsession right now? I love how fast they can change!
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