Sunday, October 14, 2012

I hate breastfeeding!

Disclaimer: This post is completely my own opinion of breastfeeding. Please don't take this post as what everyone experiences while breastfeeding (or even the majority of women). If you are trying to decide whether to breastfeed or not, do not use this as any advice. Go seek out other resources. This isn't made to cause a debate, again, these are my feelings of breastfeeding which is why they are on my blog!
I hate breastfeeding. I really do. I know hate is a strong word but this is truly my feeling on the subject.

International Breastfeeding Symbol
I had trouble breastfeeding J. Not nearly as much trouble as some women have though. I didn't have supply issues, my milk did come in, but J had trouble figuring out how to latch. He had enough trouble that he actually lost a significant amount of weight in the first week of his life (think 15-20%). I had so much damage that I had to exclusively pump for a few days in order to get everything back into working order.
 It has been much easier with A. However, there are times that I definitely still hate breastfeeding and unfortunately these times are in the majority

Here's what I hate:
- having to be the one to wake up and feed the baby (even if The Husband feeds a pumped bottle, I'd still have to get up to pump)
- feeling 'attached' to the baby and the clock
- nursing in public
- trying to get the baby to latch
- pumping in general (doing it, washing it, etc.)
- being engorged
- finding clothes to wear to nurse with (especially in public)
- weaning (holy crap, the pain!)

breast pump Fired For Using Breast Pump Isnt Sex Discrimination, Texas Judge Rules
I loathe this thing!
You're probably asking why I bother doing it then if I hate so many aspects of it.

As much as I hate it, I know it's best for my boys and my family.

I don't believe my boys will be any smarter than a child that is fed formula, or that my bond is any greater than a formula fed baby's bond with their mother or any healthier for that matter (J got tons of colds at daycare) but at this point, breastfeeding is the best choice for my family.

Who knows how long I'll last breastfeeding A. With J, it was 4.5 months and then he decided he wanted bottles and I decided I didn't want to spend my days pumping so we started the weaning process.

I don't look down on any mother that chooses to formula feed their child. I think that's ridiculous. I also don't buy into the whole breast is best and pushing breastfeeding on mothers. I believe that it's a choice just like any other and no one has the right to comment on, weigh in on, pressure you on or criticize your choice.

So with all that said...

...I still hate breastfeeding...

....and will hate it until I'm done and my boobs are all mine again!

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