Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Fun!

This week we've been having some fun.
The Husband and J went out to rake the lawn and play in the leaves. The Husband even went out and bought J a little rake to use. However, he'd rather use the big one. He had a blast running in the leaves and we even snuck A outside for a quick picture in the leaves.

I also got J some Hallowe'en window clings. He's been playing with them on and off for the past couple of days, but he's also figured out that they rip pretty easily so some of the letters are in pieces.
Lastly, we went to Michaels to get the kit for my next cake decorating course and I got J some foam sticker pumpkins so we sat down and made a little picture.

What fall things have you done?
I might have to take to Pinterest for some new ideas.
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