Saturday, October 6, 2012

A's Birth Story

My child finally decided to make his entrance into the world. He was just waiting to make his own special appearance.
As many of you know, I was overdue with A. My last bump day summary was at 40 weeks. I went to the OB on Thursday and she decided to get me set up for my induction. I was told that I would have a biophysical profile ultrasound done on the Monday and the induction would take place on Wednesday morning.

40 weeks pregnant 
Fast forward to Sunday night/Monday morning. I had a horrible sleep. I was up a couple times having some weird dreams and some cramping (which I took as gas). The Husband got up to leave for work and I had a contraction (which again I thought was gas). He asked if I wanted him to stay home and I told him I'd be fine and it's probably nothing.
I continued to have some contractions throughout the morning and was starting to get hopeful. I went to my BPP at 10:45 just in case they turned out to be nothing. While talking with the ultrasound tech, she told me that I'd probably be back later in the day as my contractions were 15 minutes apart but not horribly painful.

Welcome to the world
I went and got J from my mom, we went out for lunch and my contractions stop. I had no cramping, no gas pains, nothing.
I got home, decided to clean out our closet in order to stay on my feet in the hopes that they would pick up again. I also straightened my hair once I finished the closet. J got up from his nap and the contractions slowly started to come closer together and got more painful.

The Husband got home from work at 5:00pm, the contractions were anywhere between 6 and 8 minutes apart and that's when I decided that the baby was coming that night. The Husband went to the grocery store to grab food for whoever was coming to watch J, I called my Dad and Mom who were coming over initially to watch J, we fed and bathed J, finished packing the hospital bags and then waited for my dad to show up.

The Husband and A

We got into the hospital at 8:30 (after driving very cautiously!!!) and was assessed. From there they told me they were keeping me and I was getting my IV right away because the anesthesiologist was there to give me my epidural. During this discussion, my water broke and things got more painful.

Well, wasn't I lucky that I had a new L&D nurse. I was poked twice for my blood work and twice for my IV all while listening to the anesthesiologist explain the risks of the epi. Then she got to work. Three pokes later, the epi was in, I was relaxed, checked by the nurse and up to 6-7 cm.

My sister, The Husband and I were all joking around in the hospital room when at 10:00 I started to feel extreme pain on my left hand side of my body. The epidural comes with a button, which I hadn't pushed because I wasn't feeling pain.  With this new pain, the button was pushed 2 or 3 times. I told the nurse I was feeling everything on the one side, she checked and told me I was 10cm and ready to push.

The first meeting in the hospital

That's when I freaked out. I realized I was going to feel everything on my left hand side. I pushed the epi button about 6 more times (it doesn't actually release anything if you push it repeatedly, you have to wait 10 minutes between doses) and started screaming because the pain was crazy!

Three pushes later and he arrived!

We're still getting used to life at home with the two boys and figuring out some sort of schedule. I still can't believe he's here and still see myself with a gigantic pregnant belly.

Here's a picture of my two boys :)

Wanting to hold his little brother

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