Tuesday, October 9, 2012

21 months and 1 week updates

J is officially 21 months now. Well, he was 21 months back on Saturday but in all the whirlwind of bringing home A, it kind of got lost in the shuffle.
At 21 months, J is definitely a toddler heading into the terrible twos. His newest terrible thing is to scream when he doesn't get his way. We definitely need to break this habit soon because he'll be waking the baby up soon. Right now, A sleeps right through it.
J has quite the vocabulary and it just gets bigger and bigger every day. I love having a conversation with him now and hearing his opinions on things. I love, too, that he can remember things. We watched Cars for the first time on the weekend and he's still asking to see it again.
His interests still lie in cars, trucks, trains and Bubble Guppies. He fights The Husband on going to the park and then fights him on the way home because he wants to stay. He is really fighting nap time, which scares me and the reason why he's still in his crib!

It's amazing how fast they grow. I'm definitely trying to remind myself to continue to snuggle with him everyday.
A is now a week old and he's doing really well. I think overall my recovery has gone a whole lot better which helps everything. Breastfeeding is definitely going better than it was with J although I'm still not a huge fan of it (another post in the making).

Right now he eats, sleeps and poops with the best of them. We're still working on 2.5-3 hours between feedings at night since we didn't get to the doctor until today and I go back to the breastfeeding clinic tomorrow.
After the doctors today, A weighs 7lbs 10.8 oz compared to his birth weight of 7lbs 9oz. I'm very excited by these numbers. We had a lot of trouble with J latching and breastfeeding so I'm glad that it's going really well with A. He's average and above average in the measurement categories whereas J was always below.

The only issue is that he is definitely a sucker, meaning he'll eat a lot and often falls asleep still latched. He'll definitely needs a pacifier at some point (although I'm reluctant to give him one even though kids look so cute with them in).

I can't believe how easy he has been so far but I'm sure things are going to get more difficult as time goes on! I'll be sure to update you about how the two boys are getting on as well (again, another post in the works). Right now, J loves his brother to pieces!
I can't believe these two little cuties are mine!

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