Thursday, October 18, 2012

1st day by myself with 2 & SCCTO

So I survived my first day with the two munchkins with only a few mishaps.
First, I fell asleep on the couch. I fed A, was snuggling him and trying to get him to sleep and I totally passed out myself. Luckily, J was fairly engrossed in an episode of Bubble Guppies (keeps him away from A while I'm feeding him otherwise he tries to grab his head) and didn't go crazy. I actually woke to him asking "Mommy, k?"
Then we needed to stock up on some basic supplies (toilet paper, diaper genie refills, new pjs for J) so we headed to Costco. It wasn't too busy so I figured I'd let J do some walking so he'd tire himself out and go down for a nap easily. Well, some crazy old lady who was on a mission apparently almost took him out with his cart. It was a scene similar to someone stepping in front of a bus and someone else saving them! Close call.
As we were shopping, J kept pointing out all the food. Well, that reminded me that I had forgotten to give him breakfast. All he'd had between 7:30 to 11:00 was a sippy cup of milk. Once we finished shopping (quickly) I went and got a hot dog and we split it. When we got home he had some raisins as well but I can't believe I'd forgotten to feed him!
The rest of the day went really well though even though A was wide awake while J slept and fell asleep just as it was time for J to wake up. So my nap idea went out the window and I'm exhausted.'s some exciting news!
Friday and Saturday I get to spend my day in the big city at the She's Connected Conference in Toronto! I'm so excited but also very nervous. This is the first time I'm really taking my blog out there! I get to meet with different brands, listen to some fantastic speakers and meet some fellow bloggers!
Hopefully, the ideas I pick up from the conference will make my blog that much better!
I'll be back on Monday for a recap of the conference! Until then follow me on Twitter and Facebook where I'll be updating and sharing my experience all weekend!
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