Monday, September 24, 2012

Things I Actually Say

Today's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is Things I Actually Say.
 I took this as things I never thought I would say or really strange things that come out of my mouth in regards to J. However, being pregnant gives you a whole bunch of different things I would not normally say. Lately, there are lots of strange things that I say.

Things said to J :

- J, get your hand out of the toilet
- Did you go poopy?
- You have a poo-poo?
-I got poop on my hand! You got poop on my hand!
- Want some nanas? (bananas)
- Let's go for a drive and see some tractors
- That's a bulldozer, that's a digger and that's an excavator!
- Stop throwing stuff at me!

Things said in terms of pregnancy:

- Man, I have a serious gas problem
- I'm stuck in bed
- I just went pee 10 minutes ago!
- Metamucil and Tums are my best friends
- My toes can't touch the ground
- I feel like I've been on a bike for 5 hours

I'm sure there are plenty more that I can't think of right now because Mommy/pregnancy brain have taken over and my mind is just a mess! Also, there's often a ton of strange things I would have said at school on a daily basis, but since I'm on maternity leave I don't have any good one-liners!

What's the strangest thing that you've said lately?

Also, congratulations to Melissa (host of TAT) who just gave birth to her second little one Aurelia.

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