Monday, September 10, 2012

TAT - J's Unconventional Toys

Today's Toddle Along Tuesday post is all about those toys that your kids play with, that you would never think of as toys. Linking up over at Growing up Geeky!

J has lots of toys. Not an insane amount, but he has a bunch. My mom likes to buy him new toys and books to play with at almost any chance she gets.

You'd think that the kid would be plenty entertained and would leave the rest of the house alone. Nope. He has his fill of toys that aren't toys. Here are some instances:

J likes to help around the house. This was a favourite activity of his, putting the cutlery away while we empties the dishwasher. Well, this ended after he took them out of the basket, put them in their spots and then proceeded to refill the basket. Now, we empty the dishwasher while he's sleeping.

What kid doesn't like to play in boxes? He loves to try to get into the box, but then gets frustrated when he can't get back out.

This was from when we first pulled out the booster seat/high chair. I tried constantly to get stuff done and he would sit in his Exersaucer and just cry and scream. So I stuck him in his seat, gave him some measuring cups and he was good to go!
When J was little, I was finishing up my Masters. Therefore my pencil case was always around. He loved to play with the highlighters (under supervision of course).
The new thing J loves to play with most is the toilet and toilet paper. We have to keep the bathroom door closed because he'll constantly drop things into it. Luckily, he's only dropped things that float thus far so we've been able to fish them out. The toilet paper is a little harder to fix. Twice now he's unrolled the entire roll. It's not easy to roll it back up!
 Of course there are many other items that he plays with that most people wouldn't consider a toy. He loves cell phones, car keys and mostly my wallet. His favourite activity is taking the cards out of my wallet and putting them back in, in a different spot. I usually take the "money" cards out before I let him play so that I don't lose them.
I worry about what he'll come up with next to play with. He definitely keeps me on my toes though!

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