Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

I'm linking up over at Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday's Top Five Laughs. Need cheering up read mine and then go check them out.
1. A lot of people have started asking J if he is ready to be a big brother. To be honest, he doesn't really have any idea what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. In fact, if you ask him where the baby is he'll gladly lift his shirt up and show you his belly!

2. J now tells you when and where to sit. When he's playing trains or cars, he'll politely tell you to "sit" beside him. Little do you know, you aren't actually going to play, you're going to watch.

3. The other day we were watching Little Einstein's. They were singing the song "Rocket Bounce" on the TV. For some reason, J has taken this as his song and when I sing it he runs around and around the room. At the end, I say "stop", he stops and then says "Ready, set, go" and we start again!

Getting treated to a cupcake!

4. We went to the doctor this week because J has been scratching his elbows. Turns out he has eczema but, of course, that's not the funny part. He isn't a fan of the doctor's office. In order to cheer him up, we did the "Rocket Bounce" in the waiting room, much to the delight of the other patients in the waiting room. When we got into the office and the doctor walked in, he actually swiped at her and yelled "No". Clearly need to work on that relationship.

5. We went to visit my ILs this weekend because my SIL just had a baby (yay!). My ILs found a fancy car toy at a garage sale and brought it out for Joseph to play with. Once we heard from my SIL, we decided to head over to meet the baby. Well, that meant pulling J away from his new toy. The entire car ride over to my SILs he kept repeating "Papa" in a sad tone, as though Papa was going to rescue him from the car and take him back to play with his toys.  He's definitely attached to Papa!

This kid definitely cracks me up!
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