Sunday, September 2, 2012

Japonesque Baby Products

I was recently given the opportunity to review two products from the new Japonesque Baby line. We received the Dolphin Nail Clippers and the Hippo Gentle Grooming Brush (but take a look at the rest of the cute products - I want them all)!


When we first got the two items, J wanted them out of the package right away so that he could play with them. He didn't play with them properly, but he was very interested in them. Once he figured out the hippo was a brush he started to brush his hair. His hair is a little thicker, but it definitely got everything in the direction we wanted it to go. The bristles are nice and soft so they are gentle on his scalp (another item that will be perfect for Baby Boy #2).
The second product was the Dolphin Nail Clippers and File. J just thought this was a fishy that he could take in the bathtub at first. Then I started cutting his nails and he sat well. Typically, he sees the clippers and goes running! This time he was intrigued! The nose pops off the dolphin and exposes the clippers and the dorsal fin is what you push to make the clippers work. Underneath is the file for those sharp corners you can't necessarily get. I'll definitely be using these with the two boys from now on!
All Japonesque Baby products are available on Amazon and would be a very cute as a baby gift!
Check out the rest of the Japonesque line as well!
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