Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eviction Day!

We have an induction date set! Baby Boy is scheduled for eviction next Wednesday.
I head into the hospital on Monday for a biophysical profile where they'll see how the baby is doing and whether or not inductions to occur sooner or is still alright for Wednesday.
After that, we'll head into the hospital on Wednesday morning at 7:30. They'll check to see what's going on and decide which method of induction is most appropriate. From there I'll either be sent home to wait until everything gets started or I'll have to stay at the hospital. We're getting out plan together now so we aren't freaking out closer to the day.
I'm secretly (or not-so-secretly) praying that this baby still makes an appearance before then.
I've heard that the full moon has some effect on labour as well, which would be great because there's a full moon this weekend! Maybe that'll help! I've gotta try almost everything at this point!
I'm going to end this post with a really cute story:
J and I were playing around and watching TV. Someone rang the doorbell (I don't answer the doorbell during the day unless it's a scheduled thing or I can identity them) and I told J to go back to playing. Well, he drops his toys, proceeds to run to the front door and says "Andrew"? (which if you remember is this baby's name). I just had to laugh and say no.
I guess between The Husband and I repeatedly telling him about the baby and that he's coming soon he put two and two together and determined that the baby was going to be at the door.
In reality, I wish that was the case. It would be a lot less painful!
As I've stated before, if happen to go into labour before my induction date, I'll be on Twitter and Facebook so make sure you follow me on those two medias as well!
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