Sunday, September 9, 2012

Canadian National Exhibition

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Every year in Toronto, the Canadian National Exhibition take place. It's a combination of rides, a midway, shopping and of course exhibitions (i.e. Canadian Armed Forces, SuperDogs, etc.)
We took J last year but he was still small enough to fit in his infant carrier so there wasn't much to do with him. This year my sister-in-law gave us two tickets that got us into the grounds as well as ride-all-day passes (thanks)! Since, J is still under two he was free to go onto the grounds but we needed to get him ride tickets. Well, that worked well because I was hugely pregnant and not allowed to go on any rides! Therefore, we put the ride wristband on him and he and The Husband went on some of the rides.
Driving the fire truck

Such a good picture! I've never gotten one where he's standing still and smiling!

 Serious stuff on the Merry-go-round
After the boys did some of the rides, we moved inside to the "farm" in order to cool down a bit (it was really hot)! In the farm, they had lots of animals for J to look at, identify and make the noises (for each and every animal). They also had a "Be a Farmer" area, where kids under 10 were able to plant a seed, pick different types of fruits and veggies (plastic), colour a picture, milk a plastic cow, go fishing and ride a tractor. He had a really good time, although he just kept wanting to skip ahead and get to the tractors.
 Planting the seeds
 Colouring a picture
 Collecting some of the veggies
Picking an apple from the orchard
Riding on his "tractor"
After the farm, we had lunch in the famous Food Building (pita for me, hotdog for J and Philly Cheesesteak for The Husband). There are so many different types of foods. We also had to stop to get my Tiny Tom Doughnuts covered in icing sugar.
Then we headed back outside for some more rides.
Driving the car with Daddy
 I can't wait to take J again next year. We missed the SuperDogs and he should be able to go on a few more rides next year which will be fun (and I won't be pregnant so I can go on some too)! I forgot to mention they were practicing for the air show at the same time so there were tons of planes flying around everywhere doing some really neat stunts.
 It was a nice way to close out the summer! 
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