Tuesday, September 18, 2012

39 weeks

6 Days to go!
(I say 6 because I was 39 weeks on Tuesday)
We're still hanging in there! Barely!
I've lost all sanity at this point (don't believe me, read this). I'm overly impatient with everything and everyone (including J and The Husband and don't even get me started on my parents' dog).
I somehow survived the zoo on the weekend. Though my feet were sore and swollen the next day. But it was worth it to see J, so excited to see the animals. The whole time, all he wanted to see was the "horseys".  He really enjoyed the polar bear though which appeared to be doing laps.
I have my 39 week appointment on Thursday, where apparently the doctor is going to check to see if there is any progress. At this point, I don't think there is. The latest date she'll let me go is Oct. 3.
Last appointment, she kindly told me that the baby is probably over 7.5 lbs right now and we'll more than likely be high 7s or low 8s in terms of his weight (a little bigger than J). After hearing that, not sure if I want to be pregnant until October 3rd.
I've had lots of Braxton Hicks, some one-time contractions that don't lead anywhere and I'm running out of clothes that fit properly. Whenever I'm in the house, I'm in pajama pants. Ok, I admit, not just in the house. I wear them to go get the mail and maybe once to the store.
We brought up the infant car seat this weekend as well, so that we can grab it when it's time to leave for the hospital.
I'm all ready to go! Hopefully Baby Boy#2 will be here before my next update at 40 weeks!

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