Thursday, August 2, 2012


Something I read on Facebook a couple days ago has completely irked me and quickly become one of my pet peeves.
I'll set the stage.
A Facebook acquaintance is pregnant and due in the winter. They currently have a little boy and found out that they are expecting a girl. Of course, people are happy for them (as am I!) and left many, many comments of congratulations (again, I did too!)
However, there was one comment that stuck out to me, that I've read many times in other people's "gender" posts. Most often, it's when the family is expecting a 2nd child of the opposite gender (i.e. they already have a boy and are expecting a girl or vice versa).
Here it is:
"You now have the perfect family!"
So the perfect family is one boy and one girl?
As a soon-to-be mom of two boys, what makes one family better than another family? How in the world is one boy and one girl perfect?
I'm pretty sure that when I announced that we were having our second boy, no one said "Wow! Now you have the perfect family!" Yes, everyone was and has been happy for us, but it makes you wonder when someone says it one person and not to another. My family isn't perfect because there isn't a boy and a girl?
In fact, most of what I've heard when I say I'm having another boy is, "Well, are you going to have a third so that you can get a girl?" I don't know! Can I get this one out first and let him grow up a bit before we start planning the next one? I'm not going for 3 under 3!
I mentioned this to a bunch of ladies who have are expecting and many of them have heard the comments I've mentioned above. Some of them have responded in a much more abrasive way then I have the courage to and I applaud them for that!
I guess my main point is the perfect family is what's perfect for you and your family. It's no one else's business if The Husband I decide we want 6 kids (don't worry Husband, it's not happening) or if we were happy with just J.
And to that person on Facebook who left that comment:
As of right now, this is my perfect family and it will more perfect in September even if there will be three times more testosterone!
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