Friday, August 24, 2012

The Husband's Birthday

The Husband's birthday was actually Wednesday. I had been working with J for a couple of days to get him to say "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Birthday Daddy". Sometimes it comes out properly sometimes it doesn't.
The Husband actually had a softball game on his birthday, so we've saved our dinner/date plans for the weekend. Not much too it, probably just dinner and a movie or dinner and some mini-golf. Instead, I made some cupcakes to take to his softball game to celebrate with our friends. It was also my friend Emily's birthday last weekend so we celebrated them at the same time!
As usual, the husband didn't want any gifts for his birthday. He's actually really hard to buy for so it works out well. Instead, I found this idea on Pinterest:
The Husband is a big fan of naps on the weekend and loves lying on the floor. I figure let's kill two birds with one stone. The Husband can lie down and relax and J can drive the cars all over his back.
I headed out to Michaels, got The Husband a t-shirt and some fabric markers and went to work! Here's how it turned out:
Looks somewhat like the one in the picture!
We just borrowed some Hot Wheels cars from my mom (since she has lots) and J can drive some of his bigger cars on there too.
I think it's really cute and it was the perfect gift (since he already has lots of pictures of J)! The Husband loves it and is planning on wearing during my Saturday morning sleep-in when he gets to get up early to watch J. :)
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