Friday, August 31, 2012

September Pinterest Projects!

I'm going to start using my Pinterest properly. Right now, I use Pinterest to pin almost everything (alright, not everything but lots of stuff)!
I'm going to start making some of the things I've pinned. At the beginning of each month I'm going to post 3 or 4 projects I want to make/do/achieve for the house or myself, as well 2 or 3 activities I want to do with or for J. I'll do a tutorial of those that I feel need it throughout the month and I'm planning on doing a recap at the end of the month. There are so many neat things that I've planned on doing that hopefully this will help!
September is going to be a little different. The amount of projects is going to be a little smaller because I'm sure I won't have a lot of time getting ready for Baby Boy #2 to arrive and once he gets here it'll be difficult for the first little bit!
Here are three projects I'd like to do during September either for the house or myself:
Scrapbook covered wooden letters for Baby Boy #2
Watermark Tee for myself

Family Organization Binder

Here are the projects I'm hoping to do with J this month:
Apple craft
Pinned Image
Personalized Alphabet Photobook

Rainbow Alphabet Bean Bags (I'll probably start these but not get them finished this month)

I'm using this as my "craft plan" for the month! I'm really excited to get these projects done and hope I get enough time to get them done (or at least started)!
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