Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pregnancy makes me a crazy lady!


Honestly, that's what I really think. Crazy isn't even close!
I'm thinking it is the pregnancy hormones, but so many little things are driving me absolutely nuts!
Here are some examples:
  • The Husband plays softball and I take J to the games to wear him down (so he'll sleep in!). Last week, I got angry at the other team because they were taking too long to decide who was going to be their courtesy runner! Really, it takes that long to choose!? Pick the fastest guy who isn't drunk! Better yet, let me pick the slowest, fattest guy and we'll go from there!
  • Tonight I ran out to McDonald's because I was craving a  Big Mac. Along the way, I got stuck behind someone who decided not to turn on the advanced green (the green arrow means GO!) and then wanted to move over to the lane that I was in after the turn. Fine, but DO IT! Don't make me stop to let you go!
  • Also on the McDonald's trip, the car in front of me took 5 minutes to order. Naturally, I figured that they had a long order that needed to be cleared up or whatever. I watched as they went to the window to pick up their food. Literally, they ordered an ice cream cone. One freakin' ice cream cone!
  • We have digital cable and J loves to watch the Bubble Guppies. Every once in awhile they update the episodes on our OnDemand station. Well, let me tell you how much they suck! Half the time the episode starts to load and then the system tells me it's not available. I've actually almost thrown the controller because it drives me nuts!
  •  There are these gross house centipedes (I'm not going to show a picture because they really are gross) that take over our house. They live in the pipes and always seem to appear when I'm brushing my teeth. Normally, I'm completely freaked out and get DH to kill them, but lately I'm just pissed at them! I beat them with a shampoo bottle.
  •  This isn't an angry one, instead it's all about my crying. I keep losing it at different things. This afternoon, I lost it while I was watching Teen Mom. For those of you that watch it, it was the part at the end when they were showing the little babies growing up. Ya, full on tears down the cheeks! I also lose it during a Baby Story and One Born Every Minute. I need to just stop watching!
There are definitely more scenarios, but I can't think of them right now. I've probably just blocked them out.
What about you? Does pregnancy make you feel as though you're going insane?
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