Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Trip to Centreville!

My mom and I decided that we would take my nephew and J to an amusement park in Toronto called Centerville. We have other another amusement park near Toronto, that is much easier to get to, but Centreville is specifically geared towards younger kids. Majority of them are for kids 4 ft and under!
The best part is that my family and I used to go when we were younger and a lot of the park hasn't changed much.
Our day started out kind of hectic. We had some stops we needed to make before heading out on the road. Then, of course, there was traffic (imagine that!?).
Once we finally got into the city, we had to find a parking spot. After speaking with the rudest parking attendant ever (she didn't even take her headphones out to talk to me) we found a spot to park. Then we had to maneuver the stairs to get to the elevator to get back to ground level.
The next part in our adventure was getting on the ferry to take us across to the island. We strapped both boys into the wagon so that we wouldn't lose them and managed to squeeze our way on.
Finally, we got to the island, dealt with a tantrum about getting a wristband put on, peed through our diaper and then made in on the first ride.
Being pregnant, I was only able to go on three rides.This was one of them. My nephew was in charge of steering. Let's just say I'm glad he's not getting his driver's license for at least another 12 years.
Then we headed onto the train (another pregnant friendly ride)
The train took us all around the park and we got to see the petting zoo, some of the other rides and lots of ducks in the water. J loved this so much that we went twice. It even went through a tunnel and he was one of those kids that was clapping and cheering in the dark. Apparently, while my nephew and I were getting lunch, the train went by a bunch of times and each time J ran to the fence to watch it and did his "choo-choo" sign.
Then the boys went on some rides that Grandmom and I didn't fit on.

After the boats, we headed to the Carousel (which goes for a really long time and really fast).

Centreville Amusement Park - Antique Carousel

We were all "rided" out at this point. We headed back for the craziness of the ferry, made it back to the mainland and started the drive home.

The next day, J slept until 9 and went down for a 2-hour nap at 1:30. He was exhausted (and I think he still is), but so was I! I ended up going to bed at 9:30 that night. Amusement parks are not made for pregnant ladies!
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