Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Poor E-reader!

I literally don't know what to do with my time right now! My e-reader has broken! It fell off the couch while in the "protective" case and now the screen is all messed up! It's nearly disaster status!
I'm hoping this doesn't put a big damper on my goal to read 52 books in 2012. Right now I've read 33 out of 52 and I was just getting into my next one, Shadow of Night.
My old e-reader is a Kobo and I got it for Christmas and my birthday about 2 years ago. At first I hated it because I really liked the feel of real books. However, I've gotten used to it and I love my e-reader. I like not having to pack a ton of books when we're traveling as well as being able to quickly throw it into my purse or diaper bag when we're heading out.
I've been doing lots of research trying to determine which one to get now, the Kobo Touch or the Kindle. There are definitely pros and cons to both.
However, I think I'm going to be getting another Kobo (however an updated version). It connects to the library system where I live (the Kindle doesn't) and it's compatible with the books that I have already purchased but not yet read. I will be moving from original version to the new touch version, however. I guess it's just the cost that is holding me back right now!
Until I decide to open my wallet, I'll be reading on the computer, which definitely doesn't fit in my purse as nicely as the e-reader.
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