Thursday, August 23, 2012

My new blog design!

I was going to post a little about The Husband's birthday yesterday (which will come tomorrow). Instead, I'm going to brag about my new blog design by Sommerfugl Design!
sommerfugl photography and design
Isn't it the greatest thing ever?
Alright I'm sure most of you love your own blog designs best or have a preferences for some others, but I am in love with mine. I love the two little boys and how cute they are (yay J and Baby Boy #2). I also love the representation of The Husband. At first Desirae had him dressed in a suit and I asked if we could change it. The Husband only wears suits at weddings and funerals so when I was checking out the design the first time I thought it was really weird to see him in a suit and it just didn't sit right!
That was one of the best things about working with Desirae! She was very accommodating. Even when I changed the boys hair colour 3 or 4 times!
My favourite part is the colour scheme. I got to pick it, but I definitely love how well they all go together. I'm a big fan of greens and blues and turquoises!
Lastly, the cute little social media buttons are awesome! Now you can easily connect to my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and find my RSS feed and email.
The amazing thing about Desirae is that she did all of this while 35-37 weeks pregnant and taking care of her two other kiddies! I have no idea how she has the energy to do this at this point in her pregnancy because I'm so exhausted that I can get only a bit of work done at a time around the house!
Don't believe me that she's this pregnant? Check out her other blog
the not so ugly ducklings

So, thanks so much Desirae! I really appreciate all the work you did and I'll definitely be singing your praises for a long time to come! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and I can't wait to see pictures of the new little one when they make their arrival!
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