Monday, August 20, 2012

My first 5K!

Ok, so being almost 35 weeks pregnant (tomorrow!) I clearly did not run a 5K this past weekend, nor am I planning on doing so anytime soon.
However, I'm seriously contemplating signing up for one that takes place in May. It's extremely close to home which is nice.
The best part is that The Husband has offered to run it with me. For him 5k is nothing. Now he hasn't been pregnant with 2 kids in the past 2 years and therefore hasn't gained almost 50lbs (between the two pregnancies). He's always been good with his eating and tries hard to stay in shape despite a back issue. Despite all this and that 5k is pretty much a joke to him, I'm excited that he's offered to run it with me. I can't imagine anyone else supporting me as much as he will (even if he jokes about it).
I know I have a lot ahead of me including losing a bunch of weight. I wasn't committed to it after I had J, but this time all I can think about is getting back into shape. It'll be hard with two kiddies and trying to train in the middle of winter, but I'm going to be doing my research and getting ready for it.
Any tips and advice would be really helpful!
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