Monday, August 13, 2012

J's First Blue Jays game!

Yesterday, we took J to his first ever Major League Baseball game! Our home team is the Toronto Blue Jays and living just outside the city it gives us the opportunity to head to a game once or twice a year pretty easily. The Husband got some tickets from work and we went with our fantastic friends who make every experience wonderful!
J knows what baseball is (because The Husband plays) but has no clue what is going on in the game. He enjoyed people watching, eating popcorn and ice cream and cheering along with the crowd. We also had to go and run around in the hallway to burn off some energy here and there but he caught a good chunk of the game.

Ice cream in a souvenir bowl

Daddy and J after the game

Please ignore the extreme large pregnant lady

Hanging out above the crowd and trying to keep his eyes open after the game
The souvenirs from his first game (he actually tried to put the helmet on his head and got mad when it wouldn't stay)
 He had a short nap on the way home, we went out to a buffet for dinner and then he had an awesome sleep (something we've been missing the past couple of nights). Hopefully we can get to him to another game before the season ends!
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