Saturday, August 11, 2012

Easiest Baby Blanket Ever!

Not sure why this got posted yesterday afternoon. I must have hit publish instead of save, but I've updated the remainder of the steps!
I pride myself on being somewhat crafty. I find the time to be crafty quickly escapes me though which has quickly become a goal of mine. Be more crafty!
So I decided to make this new baby a blanket that is all his own. We bought one for J and he used it on a daily basis so I'm hoping that will be the same for Baby Boy #2 and this blanket.
You need two pieces of fabric. I went with Minkee because it was sooooo soft and the pattern was really cute. I washed the Minkee beforehand just to ensure it was ready for use but it doesn't stretch so you don't need to "shrink" it to get it to it's working size.
Each piece of fabric needs to be 30" by 40".
Line the two pieces of fabric up with the 'bad' sides facing out and the 'good' sides touching each other. Pin around the entire rectangle. My pins are close together because the Minkee tends to roll up. I figured the more pins I put in the better it would stay together.
You will be sewing a straight stitch at 1/2" seam. Sew all four sides, leaving about a 5" gap to turn the blanket inside out so that the 'good' fabric is back on the outside. Sew up the 5" gap with a whip stitch (watch a tutorial here).

After it's been sewn up, you are going to sew another seam at 1.5"in from the side. It's mostly to give it a "finished" look! I put the pins in at 2" from the side.

When you get to a corner, stop sewing, lift the foot, turn the blanket 90 degrees and continue sewing. This will give you nice, sharp corners.

Here it is! My finished baby blanket for Baby Boy #2!

I'm excited that I can give him a "handmade" product and that I got my sewing machine back out!
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