Tuesday, August 28, 2012

36 weeks!

36 weeks down! 4 to go!

 I'm running out of clothes to wear. Definitely in some elastic shorts and a neon tank top.
Baby Boy #2 is now the size of a honeydew melon!
I'm finally down to my weekly appointments to see the OB. However, they are still fairly short. We discussed what happens if I go into labour and the fact that second babies come quickly. I wanted to make sure I get my epidural so I told her and she's going to put it on my paperwork for the hospital.
Sleeping has been brutal. I can't get comfortable, I have really weird dreams, I'm overheating and the heartburn has started. On Sunday night, I actually had a decent sleep from about midnight until 6:45. Still some weird dreams (as in I was an assistant for Dr. Phil), but I didn't have to roll over or get up to go to the bathroom.
I'm getting lots of cramping, lots of BH and feel like a beached whale most evenings. My feet and hands are swelling each night which is great fun!
Most maternity clothes are just really uncomfortable right now and I can't wait to fit back into my regular stuff! Track pants, yoga pants and sweatshirts are definitely in my future (especially with Fall around the corner).

The scary thing is, I have another mommy friend is who 3 days (not weeks) ahead of me and had her sweet little girl today! How crazy is that?! He can come anyime!

I'm slowly getting through my checklist. Here's what's left:
Buy double stroller
Wash 0-3 months clothes
Wash receiving blankets & towels
Bring out & clean up baby swing
Install infant seat in car
Pack hospital bags
Book newborn photographer
Plan for what to do with J
Write out J's schedule
Set up pack 'n' play in our bedroom
Freezer meals
Stock up on newborn diapers
Buy monthly stickers
Buy newborn baseball hat for pictures
Big Brother shirt for J
Develop questions for Lactation Consultant
New nipples for the bottles
Bear from Build-a-Bear to compare to Baby Boy #2
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