Tuesday, August 14, 2012

34 weeks!

34 weeks!
41 days to go!
I'm really getting to the point where I've had enough. However, even though I say that, I know he needs more time to bake in there.
I'm barely sleeping at night (even as I'm typing this I'm trying to keep my eyes open), we've started with the frequent trips to the washroom, nothing looks good to eat anymore, my knees are starting to hurt and forget the back pain going away.
The doctor told me that the back pain is related to my SI joint in my pelvis. Apparently this joint is one of the ones that shifts and moves during pregnancy in order to allow the baby out the pelvis. Mine is already stretching and the additional weight I had prior to getting pregnant doesn't help the process out. I'm hoping that it will go back after this pregnancy, but it definitely is scary. I've almost fallen down the stairs carrying J so I have to be very careful.
I'm starting to make lists of things I need to pack in my hospital bag, writing a schedule and guidelines for taking care of J while I'm in the hospital and to do around the house in order to prep for the baby.
I'm getting excited that we're getting down to the end (next week is 35/35)!
When did you pack your bags and feel totally ready??
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