Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Rainbow Rice

So it's not going to be a totally wordless Wednesday. I found a simple recipe for rainbow rice here and J absolute loves it. He can sit outside for a good chunk of time playing. I chose a container with a lid so that I can close it up at night and I put it on a table cloth so I can easily scoop up the rice that doesn't make it in. I gave him some spoons, cups and eventually some little animals to place into the rice to place with. See below for the recipe:

4 cups of rice
3 Tbsps of Rubbing Alcohol
2 Tbsps of food colouring

Mix all three ingredients (do each colour separately) in a ziploc baggy. After the colour is mixed, pour the rice out onto a cookie sheet (or pizza pan in our case) and leave it to dry outside. It dried really quickly actually (especially with the heat!) and then I poured it into the container for J to play with.

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