Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TAT - Pets

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is all about your kids and pets. Come link up!
We don't have any pets. The Husband has allergies and quite frankly I'm busy enough taking care of J that I couldn't even imagine throwing in an animal (ok, maybe a fish).
However, J does get his fill of animals. One of my sisters works for the Humane Society, which has turned both her house and my parents' house into mini-Humane Societies. My mom currently has 1 dog and 4 cats, two with special needs.
J loves heading over there to see the "goggy" and "kitties". He's reallly gentle with them which is nice to see. His favourite cat is named Casear, who lovingly head butts people when they pet him. J has taken to head butting him back. Unforunately, we think that Caesar might be on his way out soon so J will have to find a new favourite.
We've also taken J to farms and zoos on multiple occasions. He loves seeing all the different animals and is now able to identify the animals as well as make many of the sounds. He also loves singing Old Macdonald had a a farm.
J dressed as an otter - does this count as a pet?
 I'm pretty sure he'd have a penguin if he could!
The only way, we are getting a pet is when our children are married and moved out. Then I'm allowed to get a little dog that doesn't shed too much and doesn't need a ton of exercise. However, that's still many, many year away, and I've already got my hands full!
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