Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun!

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday at Growing up Geeky is all about summer fun! Come link up!

I'm so excited that it's summer. School is finally done and J is almost 18 months (wait, what!?). There are so many things that I love to do outside and there are so many more now that J is older!


I love going to different festivals throughout the summer. I try to get to one or two a month. So far we've already been to one Ribfest and there are one or two other ribfests that we might head out too. We're also planning on going to Buskerfest and the CNE at some point.

Outside Fun

I love being outside in the summer and from what we've seen from J so far, he loves it too. The Husband takes him to the park twice a day on the weekends and typically after work during the week. J loves going outside to play with his water table, pool or a ball.  The only thing I'm really missing this year is softball because I can't play but there's always next year!

Other things

Last year we headed to a beach that was nice and close. J was about 7 months old and wasn't really interested in the sand or swimming. We're hoping this year will be a little different because we're planning on heading to that beach again with friends. We're also looking forward to going to a little kids amusement park, visitng the zoo and visiting some museums. I can't wait to see his reactions to all these different activities. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!


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