Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm beginning to stress...

...about what happens when I go into labour. I'm trying to figure out who is going to come and watch J. With J it was easy, my water broke overnight, we went to the hospital, were sent home and eventually went back. Since we were in the hospital in the early morning, The Husband was already home so when it was time to head back to the hospital there were no worries. We threw everything in the car and then checked in! No other little monkeys to worry about.
I'm lucky in some sense because my parents are close by and we do have a lot of friends and family to help. However, I want my mom in the hospital room with me and The Husband but she's the only one around in the middle of the day (and is only 15 minutes away).
This time I'm running through ever scenario and it's starting to worry me!
Nervous Girl Biting Her Fingernails

What happens if.... water breaks in the middle of the night and I have to be at the hospital ASAP? Who will come over to watch J? Do we wake him up and bring him with us? Do we call every person we know until someone comes to stay with J? Who will stay with him during the day since everyone else has to work?
...I go into labour in the middle of the day and The Husband can't get home for a couple of hours because he takes the train? Then my mom has to take me to the hospital and what about J then?
....I go into labour while out and about with J? Who will come to get us?
I understand this might seem fairly ridiculous but I'm finding myself spending time constantly thinking about what's going to happen. I spent time during my first pregnancy thinking about labour and delivery but it was more of the scary parts of it and what will happen. This time I think about who will take care of J, is he going to hate me for being away from him for a couple of days, how often can he visit me in the hospital?

Any tips or suggestions? I'm open to anything that will take the worry away!

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