Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go Canada Go!

I am so excited for the Olympics. I always try to watch as much as I possibly can and when they were in Vancouver I was able to watch most of the coverage. Also, having J a month and a half earlier helped too because I was up late so I didn't miss anything!

Personally, I prefer the Winter Olympics because I relate a little more to those sports than I do the Summer sports but it's still a lot of fun to watch.

I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies. I loved seeing Kenneth Branaugh (one of my favourite actors) and Mr. Bean! Got a little lost at the part with the hospital beds (despite the explanations), but overall I loved it. One of my favourite parts is seeing all the athletes come in wearing their outfits. Some are hilarious (i.e. Spain) and others are fantastic. I really like the ones that are more traditional to their country.

Check out the Canadian duds below:

Triathlete Simon Whitfield carries the flag for Team Canada as the Canadians enter the stadium during the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games in London on Friday.

I've spent this morning watching beach volleyball (wearing a bathing suit on TV while jumping around isn't my idea of fun!) and the cycling race, while trying to entertain a toddler who just wants to watch Blues Clues and Bubble Guppies. So far I'm winning!

Some of the events that I'm really looking forward to seeing:

Canoe & Kayak races
Athletics (running mostly)
and a little bit of swimming

What are you looking forward to watching? Did you watch the opening ceremonies? Loved it or hated it?

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