Thursday, July 26, 2012

31 weeks!

Alright, I'm officially convinced that somewhere in the universe, time has officially slowed to a crawl. This pregnancy is at the point where it is taking for-ev-er! The next 2 months could take 2 years at this rate! I can't be pregnant for that long. I'll be more miserable than ever!
31 Weeks!
Please ignore the horrible outfit. I'm lazy today!
Apparently, Baby Boy #2 is the size of a squash. He feels more like bowling ball.
I'm starting to get aches and pains everywhere. I somehow wrenched my knee and ankle which is making it very difficult to walk. Also, there is a spot just above my right hip in my back that keeps getting stuck and causes a lot of pain!
Sleeping sucks. I can only sleep on my left side. If I sleep on my back, he's too heavy. If I sleep on my right side my hip/back hurt and I can't get up in the morning. Stomach sleeping...pshaw! I need a mattress with a hole for my stomach. It's my favourite sleeping position and it isn't an option.
Baby Boy #2 loves to dig his elbow or knee or something right around my right hip as well and I'm thinking he hits a nerve or two because it hurts and is really uncomfortable. I have to push him out of there from time to time.
Here is a picture of my bump when I was pregnant with J at 31 weeks. Am I bigger, smaller, similar?? Personally, I think I'm bigger.

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