Sunday, July 8, 2012

18 Months!

Excuse me? 18 months?
When did this:
turn into this:

I can't believe that J is 18 months old now! I have always felt that 18 months old is some sort of milestone. I'm amazed at all the different things he can do! I'm not sure of his weight and height. We go to the doctor on Thursday for those stats as well as the 18 months shots (not looking forward to this).

J is absolutely hilarious and usually has us laughing. He loves to run around, climb on everything and copy whatever you are doing. Our newest obsession, however, is definitely Bubble Guppies. We have 6 episodes on our On-Demand service and we've watched these 6 episodes over and over again.

His vocabulary is growing daily, although there are only a few words that other people can make out (i.e. hat, cheese, please, car). The Husband and I understand a lot of what he is saying. He's finally started saying Mommy consistently which is nice (except at 6:30 in the morning through the monitor).

He eats really well, except for vegetables. We'll be talking to the doctor about this on Thursday, but The Husband and I were thinking we might need to start giving him some vitamins to make sure he's getting everything he needs.

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Soon I'll be sharing updates of both my little boys!

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