Friday, June 15, 2012

My "Surprise" Baby Shower

As much as my Grade 6 munchkins drive me absolutely insane on a daily basis and have given me more gray hairs than I can count, they are also complete sweethearts every once in awhile.

Today's adorable move is throwing me a surprise baby shower. I say surprise because they definitely didn't hide it really well and I'd actually known about it for about a week and a half. My class tends to talk, a lot, and in all this discussion that goes on every day some of them let it slip that they were throwing a baby shower for me. They tried to pass it off as a baby shower for another teacher who is due during the summer and I played along.

They somehow convinced another teacher to use her classroom as the party room and they all brought presents, food, drinks and cake down at lunch today. They then had the other teacher call me and say that she wanted to talk to me because she saw them running in the hall and wanted to discuss why. I went in, they yelled "Surprise" and they had poppers so I ended up with streamers all over.

It started out with just my girls throwing the party and the boys had lunch and eventually showed up to join in the fun (and have chips, cake and pop). From there, it became mayhem but we all had a ton of fun.

My haul of gifts

All of the little clothes

The other "necessities"

Baby's first stuffed animal - The Hornet (school mascot)

Flowers from one of the staff members

As I said before, the kids drive me nuts. Looking back to February, I was clearly ready to quit! However, school ends in two weeks and I must say I'm going to miss them (shock!) They've definitely made an impression on me.

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