Monday, June 25, 2012

A letter to my pre-baby self

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is A Letter to Your Pre-baby self. Come link up over at Growing up Geeky with me!

Dear Pre-Baby Victoria,

It's me, well, you, in the future. I'm here to give you three pieces of advice I highly recommend prior to having kids (as of right now, there is 1 crazy toddler boy and your quite large with a second one).

Pre-baby self

Piece of Advice #1 - SLEEP!

Never again feel guilty about sleeping in because you will definitely miss it once the kiddos start to arrive. Don't feel bad about napping either. Savour them as much as you can. Oh and once you have J, sleep when he sleeps. Even if you can't sleep, just lie on the couch or bed and watch TV. You'll have time to get everything else done.

Piece of Advice #2 - Keep in touch with your friends!

I realize now looking back, that there are many people that I wish I had stayed in touch with. Don't get me wrong, the friends (and husband) you have now are fantastic and worth every penny you pay them to hang around (just joking), but there are definitely times you miss certain people from the past and wish you still had them around.

Piece of Advice #3 - Get your butt to the gym!

Being pregnant with two boys is not friendly to your body. As much as you despise going to the gym (don't deny it), you will definitely benefit from it in the future. Also, stay away from the sweets and start eating better. It'll make for less work after the kids are born.

Special Advice:

Here is my one piece of special advice. The cute guy that tries to run you over at second base during the three-pitch game - hold onto him. He's a definite keeper (even if he does have his nerdy moments). He becomes a the best father, an amazing best friend and a wonderful husband. You will regret it if you don't.

The "keeper" Husband


Your 30 year old self!

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