Monday, June 11, 2012

I forgot my camera!

I've learned my lesson. I must bring my camera everywhere with me when I head out with J.

This weekend The Husband played in a softball tournament. My parents lovingly agreed to babysit J on Saturday so that I could go and watch The Husband (and our friends) play without having to chase J around. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

On Sunday, we brought him with us to the tournament. He was all over the place and was having a blast! Of course, The Husband managed to tweak his back picking J up so he didn't actually play. It was really helpful having that extra set of hands. 

I couldn't believe how hot it was too! J was a champ, wasn't whiny at all and promptly passed out on the way home.

Kind of like this but a WHOLE lot messier:

Looking back I wished I had brought my camera because there were so many opportunities for cute pictures. I will definitely be packing it the next time we go out somewhere for the day even just a couple pictures is completely worth dragging it around from time to time.

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