Thursday, June 28, 2012

27 weeks!

We're slowly getting there!

27 Weeks!

I was looking back at my bump with J at 27 weeks and realized I'm wearing the same pants! They are so comfy and were passed down from my sister. I love wearing them.

Not much change in regards to Baby Boy #2. He's definitely stronger and tucked way down low so that he's hurting me when he kicks. He's extremely active at night and I can see my stomach jumping. I'm starting to be able to feel the body parts. I can tell where his back is and I've felt arms or legs (they're so similar).

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test today (blah!). I think the worst part is definitely sitting there watching people going in and and in and out. So frustrating! I read my book (yay Sookie Stackhouse) and messed around on my phone. Hopefully, I passed the test!

I'll find out next Thursday when I have my next OB appointment. After that each appointment is 2 weeks away instead of 4! The husband is trying to see if he can work from home that day so I don't have to take J with me, but I've learned to book my appointments early in the morning so that she isn't too backed up by the time I get there!

The subject of names is still forever present. We're still stuck on a name. Some we like are Luke, Liam, Andrew and Elliot. J's name is Joseph, so we like an "older" sounding name to go along with Joseph, but I'm still flip-flopping!

What do you think?

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