Sunday, June 17, 2012

17 {almost 18} months

I've completely dropped the ball on doing monthly updates of J. He's already 17 months and will actually be 18 months at the beginning of July! I can't believe I have a toddler and not a little baby anymore.
His first school pictures!

He's such a smart little boy. He's finally saying more and more words on a daily basis and is trying to repeat what we say. Of course, The Husband and I are the only ones that understand what he's saying (and sometimes we even have issues). I'd say we're up to about 20-25 words.
J loves to help around the house. He enjoys throwing things in the garbage, putting the utensils away, putting his clothes in the hamper and cleaning up his toys. I'm just hoping that continues!

He's starting to get interested in lots of different things as well. He likes to play with play-doh and colouring with crayons. During the summer, we're going to do some painting as well.

He loves being outside and going to the park to play. We recently got a kiddie pool and a water "table" that he really enjoys playing with. The video below is the first time he voluntarily got into the pool on his own! Prior to that, he'd only play around the pool with a boat and pool toys. This time he walked in after going around for about 15 minutes. We're not sure if he'll go back in after what happens near the end!

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