Thursday, June 28, 2012

27 weeks!

We're slowly getting there!

27 Weeks!

I was looking back at my bump with J at 27 weeks and realized I'm wearing the same pants! They are so comfy and were passed down from my sister. I love wearing them.

Not much change in regards to Baby Boy #2. He's definitely stronger and tucked way down low so that he's hurting me when he kicks. He's extremely active at night and I can see my stomach jumping. I'm starting to be able to feel the body parts. I can tell where his back is and I've felt arms or legs (they're so similar).

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test today (blah!). I think the worst part is definitely sitting there watching people going in and and in and out. So frustrating! I read my book (yay Sookie Stackhouse) and messed around on my phone. Hopefully, I passed the test!

I'll find out next Thursday when I have my next OB appointment. After that each appointment is 2 weeks away instead of 4! The husband is trying to see if he can work from home that day so I don't have to take J with me, but I've learned to book my appointments early in the morning so that she isn't too backed up by the time I get there!

The subject of names is still forever present. We're still stuck on a name. Some we like are Luke, Liam, Andrew and Elliot. J's name is Joseph, so we like an "older" sounding name to go along with Joseph, but I'm still flip-flopping!

What do you think?

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Monday, June 25, 2012

A letter to my pre-baby self

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is A Letter to Your Pre-baby self. Come link up over at Growing up Geeky with me!

Dear Pre-Baby Victoria,

It's me, well, you, in the future. I'm here to give you three pieces of advice I highly recommend prior to having kids (as of right now, there is 1 crazy toddler boy and your quite large with a second one).

Pre-baby self

Piece of Advice #1 - SLEEP!

Never again feel guilty about sleeping in because you will definitely miss it once the kiddos start to arrive. Don't feel bad about napping either. Savour them as much as you can. Oh and once you have J, sleep when he sleeps. Even if you can't sleep, just lie on the couch or bed and watch TV. You'll have time to get everything else done.

Piece of Advice #2 - Keep in touch with your friends!

I realize now looking back, that there are many people that I wish I had stayed in touch with. Don't get me wrong, the friends (and husband) you have now are fantastic and worth every penny you pay them to hang around (just joking), but there are definitely times you miss certain people from the past and wish you still had them around.

Piece of Advice #3 - Get your butt to the gym!

Being pregnant with two boys is not friendly to your body. As much as you despise going to the gym (don't deny it), you will definitely benefit from it in the future. Also, stay away from the sweets and start eating better. It'll make for less work after the kids are born.

Special Advice:

Here is my one piece of special advice. The cute guy that tries to run you over at second base during the three-pitch game - hold onto him. He's a definite keeper (even if he does have his nerdy moments). He becomes a the best father, an amazing best friend and a wonderful husband. You will regret it if you don't.

The "keeper" Husband


Your 30 year old self!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rotary Ribfest

On Friday night, we decided to head over to a Ribfest in the next town. We took J along and headed out with our great friends Emily and Ryan (or Auntie Emily and Uncle Ryan to J). I was really excited for this Ribfest because it was the first one the town has held and it had a lot of activities for kids. Other ribfests I've been to haven't been as kid-friendly.

I didn't get a picture of the ribs the The Husband ate or the pulled pork that J and I ate (due to messy fingers) but they were delicious! We also had some corn on the cob and mini-doughnuts. The only thing that could have made it better...a nice, cold beer. Only a few months left to go and then I can have a beer!

Here are some other pictures from the evening:

There are two other Ribfests that we try to get to during the summer. I'm definitely looking forward to them!

What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Organization

My brain is on overload and I don't even know where to begin! Monday marks the beginning of the last week of school and from then on I get to have a 14-month "vacation"!

As I'm getting further into my pregnancy, the urge to nest is really starting to pick up. This morning, I had 10 minutes before I had to leave for work so I cleaned the bathroom. Meanwhile, I had tons of work that I could have done at school instead.

I keep losing my car keys (which are found in my pocket) and my classroom keys (around my neck) multiple times a day.

I figure all this craziness is just going to continue so I'm determined to get myself organized before things get more hectic with Baby Boy #2 entering the picture.

Therefore, I hit up Pinterest and here are a couple things I've found.

I'm going to start getting my act together following some of the ideas in here and I'm going to keep you updated!

Also, my Christmas in July week of crafts is coming up (3rd week of July) and I can't wait to share it with you guys!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

26 Weeks

26 Weeks! Less than 100 days to go (97 today to be exact)!

Again, not to much to  update. He's still sitting and kicking me really low but is apparently finding out that there is more space above and is stretching out. My belly button is migrating its way out when I'm standing up.

The heat is kicking my butt though! Yesterday was 36 degrees celcius feeling like 42 with the humidity (that's 107 F). I was literally melting in my classroom. I just sat in my chair and the students had to come to me for help. My feet are typically fairly swollen by the end of the day but nothing too crazy yet!

On another note, I think I finally found an outfit to bring Baby Boy #2 home in! I got it at Costco and it also has a second outfit on the back.

I like it because it's not too hot for the end of September here but he'll still be warm on his way home! It also says Daddy's Sidekick (even though he'll be a Mommy's boy) and has turtles, alligators and frogs all over!

Now all we need is a name!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear J....

{This week's Toddle Along Tuesday post is a letter to your child for the future.}

This is your mother. You know, the lady that carried you in her stomach for 9 months, who you woke up way too many times in the middle of the night to cry, eat and play, whose name you refused to say for almost 17 months (unless you were whining), who you gave extra pounds and stretch marks. The one who makes your food, cleans your clothes and buys you stuff. Ya, that's me.

I just wanted to let you know the following things:
- Stay away from girls until you move out. They're trouble...all of them (except me of course). You can get married when you're 30 and I'd better like her or you'll probably hear from me a lot. I'll be one of those mother-in-laws.

- I want grandchildren. Lots of them.
- Part of me hopes you end up having little girls so they can torture introduce you tea dolls, tea parties and tiaras, just like you've tortured introduced me to the lovely world of Cars, Thomas and construction vehicles.
- I'm sorry for dressing you and your brother in matching outfits from time to time, even though your Daddy told me not too. All I can say is, it was cute!
- Once you start eating more than your father, you're getting a job. You're already getting close to it at 18 months old.
On another note, I love you. You are a smart little boy who continually amazed me on a daily basis. No matter what you chose to do with your life (as long as it's positive), your Daddy and I will always love you and be proud of you. I can't imagine my life without you.



{Come link up over at Growing up Geeky)

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Back to being a SAHM!

In just 2 short weeks, it's summer vacation and this is my first thought:

School has been interesting, to say the least, this year. I had an extremely challenging class of Grade 6 students, in a new school and a new division. To be honest, what I went through this year never would have appeared in my wildest teacher-y nightmares. However, on June 29, the students and I go our separate ways to enjoy our summer vacation and then eventually maternity leave for myself.

This is where the dread sets in. Yes, I'm excited for summer vacation and being off until September 2013, but I'm scared of what's to come.

Staying at home with J was easy-peasy. Alright, not always, but a lot of the time it was easy-ish. I could focus all my attention on him and get stuff done during nap time.

I think I have a dream-like idea of what is going to come when Baby Boy #2 arrives and I must say I may be in for a rude awakening.

I'm trying to plan how this is going to go.

For July, August and most of September, J and I will be on our own. We'll play, nap, explore, etc. but come September, J's world will be turned upside down and I worry that I won't be able to handle it all.

I'm working on a plan as to how this is going to go and I'll let you know for sure. If you have any tips for dealing with 2 under 2 please let me know!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

17 {almost 18} months

I've completely dropped the ball on doing monthly updates of J. He's already 17 months and will actually be 18 months at the beginning of July! I can't believe I have a toddler and not a little baby anymore.
His first school pictures!

He's such a smart little boy. He's finally saying more and more words on a daily basis and is trying to repeat what we say. Of course, The Husband and I are the only ones that understand what he's saying (and sometimes we even have issues). I'd say we're up to about 20-25 words.
J loves to help around the house. He enjoys throwing things in the garbage, putting the utensils away, putting his clothes in the hamper and cleaning up his toys. I'm just hoping that continues!

He's starting to get interested in lots of different things as well. He likes to play with play-doh and colouring with crayons. During the summer, we're going to do some painting as well.

He loves being outside and going to the park to play. We recently got a kiddie pool and a water "table" that he really enjoys playing with. The video below is the first time he voluntarily got into the pool on his own! Prior to that, he'd only play around the pool with a boat and pool toys. This time he walked in after going around for about 15 minutes. We're not sure if he'll go back in after what happens near the end!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

My "Surprise" Baby Shower

As much as my Grade 6 munchkins drive me absolutely insane on a daily basis and have given me more gray hairs than I can count, they are also complete sweethearts every once in awhile.

Today's adorable move is throwing me a surprise baby shower. I say surprise because they definitely didn't hide it really well and I'd actually known about it for about a week and a half. My class tends to talk, a lot, and in all this discussion that goes on every day some of them let it slip that they were throwing a baby shower for me. They tried to pass it off as a baby shower for another teacher who is due during the summer and I played along.

They somehow convinced another teacher to use her classroom as the party room and they all brought presents, food, drinks and cake down at lunch today. They then had the other teacher call me and say that she wanted to talk to me because she saw them running in the hall and wanted to discuss why. I went in, they yelled "Surprise" and they had poppers so I ended up with streamers all over.

It started out with just my girls throwing the party and the boys had lunch and eventually showed up to join in the fun (and have chips, cake and pop). From there, it became mayhem but we all had a ton of fun.

My haul of gifts

All of the little clothes

The other "necessities"

Baby's first stuffed animal - The Hornet (school mascot)

Flowers from one of the staff members

As I said before, the kids drive me nuts. Looking back to February, I was clearly ready to quit! However, school ends in two weeks and I must say I'm going to miss them (shock!) They've definitely made an impression on me.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

25 weeks!

25 weeks!

We're slowly getting there!

There isn't too much of a change from last week.

I went to my OB on Monday for my "24" week check up. She said my blood pressure was good, I was measuring correctly and that I gained 5 lbs in the past 4 weeks.

My next appointment is the beginning of July and I also have to do my glucose test. It's only 3 weeks away this time so that I can get back on track and go at 28 weeks. After that, each appointment is only 2 weeks away! So exciting!

This little boy is definitely busy. He doesn't stop moving and is sitting very low (right by my hips). When I'm sitting and lean forward, he takes offense to it and goes nuts (as I type actually)! He's already starting to dig those knees and elbows in.

J still thinks that the baby is in his stomach, but when I ask him to give the baby a kiss, he kisses my belly so I never really know if he has any idea what's going on (I'm thinking nope).

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh how life has changed!

As usual, Melissa over at Growing up Geeky is hosting Toddle Along Tuesday! This week's topic: How life has changed since having a baby.

Life has changed in some ways and is the same or similar in other ways.

Here's a small preview of how it's changed:

#1 - Way to much weight! I was the smallest I've been since high school in the picture on the left (on our honeymoon in Hawaii). The left is Mother's Day this year. Granted, I am currently pregnant (and was approximately 22 weeks here) but I didn't lose any weight after having Joseph. I used to work out often and keep track of what I ate and did really well (even though I hated it). After Joseph I had no  motivation. I'm hoping that the motivation I currently have will carry over to after the baby is born.

#2 - Being active in sports. There was a time that I was playing softball all the time. Some weeks I'd play 5 or 6 games! I filled in whenever I could and played hockey and went skiing in the winter. That's changed, mostly because someone has to be watching J. Again, this year I'm pregnant so there's no sports.

#3 - I used to go to bars (not often by any means) and drink alcohol. I don't do that anymore. I don't even remember the last time I had a drink (Christmas, maybe?) I'd kill for a glass of wine or bottle of beer but it's going to have to wait until I'm done breastfeeding this current baby. Now, we hang out at Chuck E. Cheese or other kid-friendly places.

To be honest, life hasn't changed that much. The Husband and I preferred staying at home more than going out. Some of our priorities may have shifted, but I wouldn't say that J has turned our lives upside down. We'll have to see what Baby #2 brings to the table though!

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I forgot my camera!

I've learned my lesson. I must bring my camera everywhere with me when I head out with J.

This weekend The Husband played in a softball tournament. My parents lovingly agreed to babysit J on Saturday so that I could go and watch The Husband (and our friends) play without having to chase J around. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

On Sunday, we brought him with us to the tournament. He was all over the place and was having a blast! Of course, The Husband managed to tweak his back picking J up so he didn't actually play. It was really helpful having that extra set of hands. 

I couldn't believe how hot it was too! J was a champ, wasn't whiny at all and promptly passed out on the way home.

Kind of like this but a WHOLE lot messier:

Looking back I wished I had brought my camera because there were so many opportunities for cute pictures. I will definitely be packing it the next time we go out somewhere for the day even just a couple pictures is completely worth dragging it around from time to time.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Scary Kitchen!

I've decided to link up with Kelly's Korner this Friday to "show-off" our kitchen. Here it is in all it's glory:

Honestly, I hate our kitchen. The Husband and I can hardly fit in it at the same time. Typically, the counters have more "stuff" on them (i.e. mixer, spices, etc) but because we're looking to sell our house soon we de-cluttered a little.

The biggest thing I dislike about the kitchen is the cabinets! They squeak, stick and the doors even fall off every once in awhile. We really don't have a lot of storage space (even though there's a weird pantry on the other side of the fridge).

The stove is another thing. It's old (The Husband is fine with it) but we don't want to replace it. Only 3 out of the 4 burners currently work on the stove top and the oven is extremely temperamental. It has to be about 5 degrees lower than the "suggested" temp, or you have to cook them for 5 minutes less in order for it not to get ruined.

The last thing is that it isn't an eat-in kitchen. We actually have dinner at our 8-seat dining room table which is kind of weird. I can't wait to have a house with a little kitchen table and have a fancy dining room to entertain in.

One good thing about the kitchen is the fact that I can be in the kitchen cooking and can see J playing in the other room (although that rarely happens because he wants to help).

I'm excited to see some other kitchens over at Kelly's Korner to see what to do with my new kitchen once we eventually move.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

24 weeks!

Yay for 24 weeks!

I don't think anything has changed much except my weight and his movements. Baby Boy #2 now moves almost all day, every day. There's always lots of little pokes here or there, which is starting to make me think that he is going to be bigger than J because I don't remember J kicking and punching me this much.

My appetite, which came back a couple weeks ago, is crazy! I'm in full-fledged eating mode and definitely need to watch what I'm eating. I try to get a lot of fruits but I'm not a huge fan of veggies so I almost have to force them in. I now have a snack in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, which I never did at the beginning of the pregnancy.

I have my next check-up with my OB on Monday. After that, 4 more weeks and then every 2 weeks! I'm excited the the number of days of is getting lower and lower!

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Happy Birthday...

Yup, today is my 30th birthday. I still can't believe this day is here! I never thought I'd turn 30.

I remember when I was in my early 20's I had dreams for what I wanted life to be like when I turned 30 and I have to say, it's almost exactly what I hoped for.

I wanted to have be married, have kids and a teaching job. I have all of those.
I'm happy.

Looking back on the last 10 years, I can't believe everything thing I have done/accomplished:

- Getting my Bachelor of Art (Honours)
- Getting my Bachelor of Education
- Getting hired as a full time teacher
- Meeting and marrying the love of my life, The Husband
- Having J in January 2011
- Getting my Masters of Education (that I still need to pick up!)
- Being pregnant with Baby Boy #2

I'm kind of hoping the next 10 years will slow down a little, but I'd still like to pursue more in the way of my education and potentially have a third child, but I think that will come in time.

For now, it's time for some relaxation, dinner with friends and family and taking in what's yet to come!

P.S. My 24 week pregnancy post is coming later tonight!
P.P.S. Could you spare a birthday vote for me on TBB?

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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Mom

My mom is the most amazing person I know. If you'd asked me to write about her 15 years ago, I'd say she's annoying, a pain in the butt, etc. But now that I'm {almost} 30, the way I see my mom has completely changed.

My mom and I on my wedding day!

First off, my mom had 4 kids in 5 years. That's crazy in itself. Secondly, she raised us while battling a severe mental health issue - chronic depression. She had a hard time dealing with all of us when we were growing up and I'm sure we didn't make it any easier.
My sisters, brother, my nephew, J, my mom and I

As I said previously, I wasn't the greatest teenager to get along with. Mom and I had many disagreements with one another, which typically resulted in me crying, stomping away, rolling my eyes or clicking my tongue in some form or another.

Now, she's my best friend. I really can't imagine a week going by without talking to her, let alone one or two days. We typically spend at least one day a week together shopping, going for lunch or chatting.

I think our relationship has changed even more since J has arrived.
My mom and J on his second day of life!

I see my Mother through totally different eyes. I strive every day to be as great as mom as she is. She's loving, caring, giving and any other word you can use to describe a fantastic mother. She was hard on us, but not too hard and could stop us in our tracks with "the finger" {the pointer, not the one most people think of}.

I love watching her interact with J and J can't get enough of her. "Ba-ba" is often a common phrase after getting him from daycare because he wants to go there after daycare instead of home. I can't wait to see her with the boys {and my nephew} as they get older.
We are truly lucky to have her in our lives!
If you can't tell, this week's Toddle Along Tuesday is all about your Mom! Come, link up and read about other fantastic Moms.

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