Monday, May 28, 2012


Sorry I haven't been around too much these past few days. I'm having so  much fun with my pregnancy this time around. It seems my immune system has decided to go on vacation and my body decided to rebel. It starts with a cough/cold I had about 3 months ago. The cough (which usually happens) is hanging around and causing more problems. This weekend, I developed a lovely ear infection, which has severely affected my hearing in my left ear, as well as caused pain, discomfort and some very interesting vertigo. Anyway! Away from my whining.

This week at Growing up Geeky's Toddle Along Tuesday - you're favourite places to shop!

My ultimate place to shop is:


I love this store and could live in it. I just recently decided that I'm going to be taking a cake decorating course in July as a way to get out of the house and to learn something I've always wanted to learn. However, I could be found in any aisle at any time of the day.

Anyway, since it's Toddle Along Tuesday, my favourite places to shop for J's clothes:

I love these stores. I find their prices to be reasonable and the clothes to be adorable. The best thing about these clothes is definitely the durability of them. J is hard on his clothes (I'm pretty sure every outfit has been to the park already) and as he's started to eat more independently he makes a mess.

I have to give honourable mention to

Hobby Lobby Logo

I've only been there once and fell in love instantly! Unfortunately, they don't have them here in Canada so I can only go when I'm down in the US!

What about you? What are your favourite places to shop?

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