Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's a....


I had an awesome ultrasound technician who noticed that on my form it said "Comment on gender", so she did! She had trouble determining it too actually. For the majority of the ultrasound, the umbilical cord was between his legs. When she went to get The Husband to see some pictures, Baby shifted, the umbilical cord moved, but he crossed his legs. Eventually, the tech got a proper angle and we were able to see his goods!

So now I'm going to be the Mommy of two boys! I'm not nervous about having two boys at all. I think because I'm a tomboy, I love the idea of sitting out on the bleachers watching hockey, soccer or baseball (or anything for that matter). I think that J is going to love having a baby brother!

Now comes the hard part. Determining a name for Munchkin. I have a "short" list of about 20 names and every time I hear another "boy" name I like it. I'm definitely going to have to narrow it down. My nephew has already started to help name him. He suggested Ironman.

What are you favourite boy names (I'm still entertaining new ideas)?

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