Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inexpensive ways to entertain J!

J is a pretty easy going kid, as long as he's getting what he wants. He is a complete boy and he enjoys running around and wrestling.
The most inexpensive way to keep him occupied is to take him to the park, especially if there are other kids there. We have a bucket and a shovel from the dollar store and he can stay there for almost 2 hours, playing in the sand, going down the slide, swinging and just watching other children. While we're there he also usually watches the cars and buses go buy and commenting on almost every single one.

The best play to head to get inexpensive toys and activities, is definitely the dollar store. Some of the stuff is cheap, but you can find some stuff that is actually fairly study and can hold up to a bunch of wear and tear from a toddler. They also have some decent books and colouring books that keep J busy from time to time.
Now I'm that I'm going to be staying home in September with J and the new baby, I need to find some other ways to keep him occupied. That's why I was really excited when the Toddle Along Tuesday topic was cheap entertainment for kids!

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