Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yay! On Tuesday, I was officially 20 weeks! Which means this baby boy is half-baked! Only 20 more weeks (give or take a couple) and my little guy will be here to meet us!

Here's my 20 week picture (only a day late!) Looking at the picture, I feel much bigger than I look. I still haven't gained any weight according to the scale, which probably won't make my doctor too happy next week, but my appetite still hasn't fully returned. I eat breakfast, but don't really enjoy it. I'm completely starved by lunch time and when dinner rolls around I can't really stand the sight of food. I'm hoping that this leaves quickly, but I'm glad I'm not gaining as much as I did with J.

I'm feeling the Baby #2 sometimes throughout the day, but my students keep me so busy and on my toes that I really only feel him when I'm sitting and it's calm, but I feel him more in the evenings and at night. The Husband was even able to feel him a couple nights ago. It was really light, but he managed to feel him somehow! I love the feeling of him kicking and The Husband being able to share in that.

J has started (kinda) to say "baby". It comes out da-da, as do most words, put the tone is slightly different and he's usually smacking or tapping my stomach. It's really cute!

We still haven't had many hot days yet, so I'm just waiting to see what that has in store for me. With J, I wasn't big until late September/early October so I'm sure I'll be miserable and the A/C will be cranked!

We still haven't settled on a name and I'm not sure if we are until he's born. I just don't want to feel as though I made a mistake. Our short list has gotten shorter, but it could still change. The Husband just doesn't want me to be making any crazy decisions under the influences of an epidural and personally, I don't blame him!

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