Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 things I never thought I'd do!

I'm excited for Growing up Geeky's Toddle Along Tuesday. This week's topic is Things You Never Thought You'd Do.

1. Talk in baby talk
I've always thought that people that sit there and do "goo goo ga ga" with a baby was annoying. However, I found myself talking like that to J. Not necessarily doing the "goo goo.." part, but definitely using the higher voice and not pronouncing words properly. I have promised myself I'm not going to do it with #2. Of course I'll talk to the baby, just not necessarily in a higher pitched voice.

2. Revolving my day around a nap schedule!
Because if I don't, I get a grumpy baby who is crazy or I get this:

3. Helping my child poop!
Ok, I understand this is extremely disgusting, but I'm sure most moms (and probably a good chunk of dads) have had to help their child with the pooping process. I found that when J was changing from formula to milk, his poop changed and it took a lot of work on his part to get it out. In two instances, I've actually had to pull poop from my child's bum. The poor kid was in so much pain that it was my first instinct to help it along! Please raise your hand if you are in this point so that I don't seem so crazy!
Not the greatest picture, but it's the dreaded poop face!

Head over to Growing up Geeky and link up the things that you never thought you'd do!

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