Tuesday, May 22, 2012

22 weeks!


 22 weeks!

Not much of a change from last week to this week other than I'd say that the munchkin (who is still nameless) is much more active this week. The Husband still can't feel him on the outside, but as soon as I sit down I definitely feel him. He especially hates when I lean forward and he's all smushed up.

I also wanted to show you my lovely summery maternity t-shirt! It's already a little tight, but I got a lot of compliments on it today so I wanted to share!

Also, my new favourite snack. Strawberries and (lots of) whipped cream! Yum!
Hopefully we'll be able to take J out strawberry picking (even for a photo opportunity).

I'm hoping to have some good posts this week. I'm working on The Husband's and the Grandfather's Father's Day gifts. I'm getting a head start so hopefully I'll be able to post one or the other later this week. I'm also going to start looking into my quiet book project again as well as some busy bags for J for when Munchkin #2 arrives.

What are you up to this week!?

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