Thursday, April 19, 2012

Issues with finding out the gender

Yesterday, I posted my 17 week update and I talked about how we hopefully we'll find out whether Baby #2 is a boy or a girl. I would normally say hopefully because I know that sometimes the baby doesn't always co-operate and it is difficult to tell whether the baby is male or female.

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Apparently the policy of ultrasound areas here is that they aren't allowed to tell the gender of the baby because it is a diagnosis and the techs aren't allowed to make a diagnosis about anything. However, most ultrasound techs will still tell you whether you are having a boy or a girl.

Well, that might go back to the way it was before where they aren't allowed to tell you anything. Apparently, here in Canada, where there are lots of different cultures, we are beginning to read stories of the concept of selective abortions, where the parents find out the gender at the ultrasound and then abort if it isn't what they want or female feticide (specifically aborting a girl).

In order to avoid this happening, ultrasound techs are refusing to share the gender. Thus, I'm worried about my ultrasound on the 2nd. I don't know if the clinic I go to is going to be one of those refusing to reveal the gender. We've been waiting so long already to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl that part of me is fine with waiting until the 17th, but another part is ready to start thinking of names.

I know I can find out from my OB, but I have heard a story where the tech didn't write down the gender and therefore the patient had to tell the OB what she was told she was having. I don't want that to happen. I'm not one that can wait until the baby is born to find out.

I get that some people don't care about the gender and only focus on the healthy, happy baby. Of course I want a happy, healthy baby, but I loved knowing that J was a little boy. Honestly, I'll be disappointed if I don't find out on the 2nd.

On another note, I'm putting a poll up on the side of my blog as to whether you think this baby is a boy/girl. Please vote. I want to see what you all think! (I'm thinking boy, by the way).

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