Sunday, April 1, 2012

First trimester recap!

On Monday, I'll be 15 weeks pregnant and the baby will be the size of a navel orange! I'm hoping to start feeling some little punches and kicks soon. With J, I felt the first kicks around 16/17 weeks and I've heard that with the second you feel the kicks earlier.
 I figured I'd recap how the first trimester went since I didn't do any updates at all.

I've felt nauseous majority of the days but I was never threw up. There were days that were close, especially when brushing my teeth, but I'm one of the lucky ones. It didn't happen with J either. The exhaustion has hit me extremely hard this pregnant. With J, I wasn't working full time so I was able to nap here or there. I also didn't have a toddler to take care of (especially one that has started having temper tantrums). J's been good, but it definitely adds to the difficulty.

In terms of weight gain, I actually lost 2 pounds. I started at 180lbs (*gasp*), gained two pounds in my first two months and lost them both in my 3rd month. I got in a little bit of trouble from my doctor about it, but I explained that majority of the time I was too nauseous to eat anything.

Luckily, the nausea is starting to go away. The exhaustion is slowly starting to go away, but it's taking longer than I'd like. I still want to curl up on the couch and nap often.

Lastly, I've got a new symptom that wasn't around with J's pregnancy. I get massive headaches that last for hours and hours. I've tried Tylenol, but so far it hasn't worked. I think part of it is the torture my students put me through but I'm hoping they end soon too.

I'm just starting to get into maternity clothes. Because I didn't gain any weight for the first trimester, my regular jeans still fit. However, I find that the maternity pants are much more comfortable now. I can't wait to go shopping for some new maternity clothes. All my other ones are wintery because J was due in January and I was biggest during the late fall/winter so I think I wil die of heat exhaustion if I wear it in the middle of the summer. I'm going to get lots of shorts and tank tops!

That's it! I don't think I'm going to do weekly updates until later in the pregnancy. I still feel as though I look fat, not pregnant. Hopefully that'll change soon. I'll probably do monthly updates or every two weeks but we'll have to see how busy I get!

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