Wednesday, April 18, 2012

17 week update!

Time for a Bump-date!

The last time I updated I gave an update about my first trimester. I'm going to try to update every Wednesday for the remainder of the pregnancy. I've been taking my bump pictures every week and I'm going to start posting them as well.

So here's my bump. It is a lot bigger than I was with J at this point. I even got a comment from one of my students today that my stomach was getting bigger (the plus of teaching older kids is they have a little more tact and don't say you're looking fat).  

This week, Pumpkin (nicknamed so because he/she is due in the fall, originally October), is the size of an onion.
I have my next appointment on April 24th where I'll be hearing the heartbeat again with the doppler. My anatomy scan is on May 2, where hopefully we'll find out if Pumpkin is a boy or a girl (I'll have a post on why my fingers are crossed on this tomorrow). Lastly, I finally get to see my OB on May 17. I love her and can't wait to start visiting with her again.

In terms of all the "survey-y" type stuff. I have felt little movements here or there, but I wish it was more. Weight wise, I gained two, lost two and I'm not sure where I stand right now. Morning sickness is mostly gone but I'm still exhausted. Hopefully, I'll be getting the rest of my energy back soon!

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