Monday, March 5, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Inheritance

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday, is what I would like Monkey to inherit from us. Yes, I'd love to make a fortune and leave him tons of money, but I'm hoping he inherits a few other things from us as well (or instead).
1. From Me - Love of Reading/Learning

I'm really hoping that he enjoys reading when he gets bigger. I know the odds are against me because he is a boy, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to push through that and get him interested. Right now he loves to grab his "First 100 Words" book or his Race Car book and sit and read with Daddy. As he gets bigger we'll head to the library and let him pick out some books. I really can't wait for those days. I'm also hoping that he loves learning and that he continues his education as high as he can for whatever he would like to do.
2. From The Husband - Love of Numbers/Math
The Husband is amazing at Math. He can easily manipulate numbers and quickly figure out solutions to problems. I, on the other hand, still need a calculator, or scrap paper and lots of help to complete any math problems. I currently have to bring my Grade 6 Math textbook home to learn the lesson before teaching it. I'm really hoping that the numbers come as easy to him as they do to The Husband.
3. From Both of Us - Love of Sports

The Husband and I are big sports players. During the winter, I play hockey and ski, the summer, I play baseball. The Husband plays volleyball and softball and played football in university. We also love to ride our bikes, rollerblade, swim, etc. I'm hoping that this will get passed on to Monkey. I'm thinking that his spending time at games will help to foster that love. It also love the idea of him being active, which I prefer to do through sports than exercising on a machine. I can't wait to bundle up any siblings and head to the hockey arena or baseball diamond to watch Monkey play.
What about you?! What do you hope to pass onto your little one? Or maybe it's something you hope your little one doesn't inherit.
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