Saturday, March 17, 2012

He doesn't talk, but I do!

I hate how people have to compare babies. I don't care what your kid can do that mine can't. So what that yours can walk down the stairs while mine still needs a ride. I don't care that you child is reading Harry Potter at 14 months old.

I'm sure some of you will remember my rant about Monkey's sleeping and how he wasn't sleeping through the night. I had lots of other people telling me that there must be something wrong if he isn't sleeping through the night. Well, he is.

Now the next "competition" starts. If I read or hear about another child having a 10 word vocabulary and then the big "Oh" that comes when I mention that Monkey has 1 word, I'm going to punch someone.

Monkey seriously has one word. It's "Da". It means this, that, Daddy, it, this way, yes, no and the list can go on and on. It pretty much stands for everything. I hate when I read about parents who are concerned their child is only putting together 3 words sentences at 1 year. "OMG, they aren't going to get into a good college because they aren't using 4 syllables words yet".

It really disgusts me how everyone has to one up each other in terms of their children. So Monkey doesn't talk. The Husband and I aren't worried yet, but the more and more people start "faking" concern for my child's lack of words my sense of comfort with it starts to change.

My child is perfect the way he is and if you have a problem with that then,


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